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Hypercom T4220 Credit Card Machine

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Product Description

Cost Effective
  • Fast downloads and transactions via an integrated 56K modem or secure Ethernet connection reduces communications costs and downtime
  • Wizard-style user interface with an embedded help system for terminal configuration allows for faster and more accurate terminal deployment
  • Real investment protection through 24MB memory, PKI security designed in conjunction with RSA, Inc., 32-bit Intel XScale processor, fast graphic printer and Adaptive Application Environment (AAE)
  • Integrated IP diagnostic application with an embedded help system assists in effective installation and troubleshooting while reducing the number of help desk calls and terminal replacements
  • Supports dial and IP applications simultaneously in one terminal
  • Full featured, secure terminal management system including local or web-based options
  • 18 lps SureLoad™ printer is powerful enough to print graphics and barcodes effortlessly
  • Provides option of using either a single application with embedded rich features and functions and value-added applications, or independent application modules, allowing you to perform multi-application loads to multiple sources in a single command
  • Protection against unauthorized applications and external attacks via our advanced POS PKI designed with RSA, Inc.
  • Intelligent memory protection which provides a stable environment where applications can interact with each other safely and efficiently
  • True SSL transactions powered by the Intel XScale 32-bit processor are the fastest and most secure in the industry, and eliminates the security compromise of open sessions

Whether you're looking for a reliable payment terminal, an innovative value-add technology, or complete electronic transaction management system, Hypercom can deliver. Our product portfolio ranges from basic credit authorization to full transaction transport and more. Hypercom is more than a one-stop shop for payment terminals, it's a provider of complete, end-to-end transaction solutions that expand the possibilities at the POS in ways that translate to greater profits.


Hypercomm T4220 Features:
  • Ready for the next dimension of payment:
  • Easily supports applications for both dial and IP/SSL
  • Adaptive multiple application architecture
  • Powerful Intel® XScale® 32-bit processor delivers fastest transaction times in the industry – dial or IP
  • 24MB of memory to support more value-added applications than any other terminal
  • 2" or 3" printer handles text and graphics at an industry-leading 18 lines per second
  • Secured by RSA
  • "One touch" capability for daily functions
  • Fastest downloads, dial or IP
  • Fewer keystrokes to deploy than any other terminal via revolutionary user interface
  • Complete IP diagnostic application simplifies support and installation
  • Integrated PIN Pad

The Hypercomm T4220 is truly unique for our industry – the first terminal that cost-effectively combines performance, security, reliability, and ease of use. These elements are the cornerstone of our Optimum family.


Card Reader
Magnetic stripe: Tracks 1, 2 & 3 (standard)
Contactless payment: Compatible with OTI and Vivotech external readers; standalone unit connected via miniDIN; RS-232 port
10/100Base-T Ethernet (standard)
PIN pad port: 4-wire, RS-422
Modem: 56K/V.90, synchronous (SDLC) and asynchronous
Dual RS-232 ports (standard with use of splitter); Optional RS-232 / RS-485 LAN with splitter
160 x 80 graphics
Temperature: 0-45° C/32-115° F
Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts
8.94 in x 5.91 in x 2.52 in/22.7 cm x 15.0 cm x 6.4 cm
Elastomeric: 35 keys, water splash-resistant; 6 soft keys; 19-key model available
Flash: 8MB
SRAM: 512KB (non-volatile)
SRAM backup: 5-year battery
AC: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
DC: 12 V, 2 A
SureLoad™ clamshell printer: Drop-in loading, thermal technology, 384 dots per line, 18 lines per second, including graphics
Paper roll: 2.24” (standard), 3” (optional); 57mm x 80mm diameter
Intel XScale, 32-bit processor operating at 200MHz with performance of 250 MIPS
1.9 lbs/0.86 kg