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Six Reasons to Choose Eagle Merchant Services as your Merchant Services Provider

  1. You Pay the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership - Guaranteed!

    Eagle Merchant Services guarantees that its total cost for your merchant account and credit card processing is the lowest available. When payment processing costs are considered, Eagle takes all costs concerning into account. Some of these include merchant account rates, terminals/software fees, monthly minimums, equipment warranties, supply costs, and others often hidden in other merchant provider contracts.

    When comparing merchant account rates, we ask that you receive a complete contract from the merchant service provider to match their total costs against ours. This is the only way to do a complete comparison.

    Affordable merchant account credit card services.

    If you have an ongoing business, we will cut you a check for $50 if we can’t beat your current processing costs. This free rate evaluation does require us to review your current merchant account statement in order to compare rates.

    An Eagle rate specialist will go over your statements line by line with you and show you exactly where your savings will come from. Grab your statement and call us at 1-800-255-0898 during business hours - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Central Time.)

  2. Trusted and Honest Services = Long-term Merchant Relationships

    While most merchant service providers praise merchant loyalty rates of 2.5 years, we are extremely proud to say that our merchants remain on our systems for an average of over 5 years!

    This is an example of our commitment to serving our merchants with exceptional “personal” customer service and easy to use systems.

  3. No Hidden Fees

    You pay no annual fees, no monthly minimums, no early cancellation fees, no paper supplies fees and simply no hidden fees with your credit card processing account.

  4. No Contract Term

    We don’t need a contract term to lock you into processing with us. Our exceptional customer service and excellent merchant account rates are what continues to keep merchants engaged with Eagle Merchant Services for an average relationship of five years!

  5. Your Customer Service Will be Second-to-None

    We have real people picking up our phones with the knowledge to get your questions answered and handled quickly. What this means to you is quick access to expert customer service assistance (not left on hold or talking to a service that has no clue about your business.)

  6. You have little risk but a Huge Savings Opportunity

    Other companies may promise you low rates ... but then raise the "introductory offer" once you are locked in to a long term contract.

    They will confuse you with statements that are impossible to decipher and that are loaded with hidden fees that nickel and dime you to frustration and lost profits.

    Worst of all, they will lock you into long-term contracts, charge you minimum monthly fees, and sink their teeth in deeper with early cancellation fees!

    At Eagle Merchant Services, we never lock you into a contract. If you wish to leave us (very few do and those that do, a majority have returned) we will let you go. It’s that plain simple.

Call us today! 1-800-255-0898 during business hours -
8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Central Time.)
Or complete our free rate evaluation form now for a quick, no obligation review.


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