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Credit card processing is a complicated decision for merchants - and it shouldn't be. Salespeople propose lower-priced solutions. Advertisements claim the lowest rates. Companies push free credit card machine offers. Who do you listen to?

Eagle Merchant Services doesn't offer free credit card machines and we don't publish our merchant rates. Why? Because we do not believe in teaser rates.

Many credit card processing rates that you see published are actually below cost. All credit card processors can't have merchant rates lower then the rates set by the credit card companies! You get lured into a deal by a rate that you will never see. Many companies add on extra rate categories for their rate structures and you will not even see or know about these until you receive your first statement from them!

At that point, if you realized it, you will have to pay an early cancellation fee just to leave!

And free credit card machines? Is anything really free??? My father always told me, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Click to Enlarge

But if you insist, just check out the image to view how companies profit from free credit card terminals.

At Eagle Merchant Services, we guarantee the lowest cost merchant services. We'll beat the costs of any merchant account listed on your credit card statement. You see, we price our merchant services for a long-term relationship with every merchant. Unlike our competitors, our average working relationship with a merchant is 5.5 years! Compare this to the industry average of just 2.5 years.

What are other merchant service providers doing wrong? They make offers to close sales that aren't in the best long-term interest of the merchant. Like stuffing their statements with hidden fees including items like:

  • Paper supply costs double or triple real costs.
  • Terminal lease.
  • Rewards card surcharges.
  • PCI compliance fees.
  • Excessive network access fee.
  • Help desk fees.
  • Terminal replacement costs.

Eagle Merchant Services has been providing merchant services for over 10 years. Our debit and credit card processing systems are supported by a management team with bankcard experience exceeding 45 years!

Time-tested experience that values the long-term merchant relationship over short-term sales.   As a customer of Eagle Merchant Services you'll never see...

  • Any annual fees.
  • Any long-term commitments.
  • Any early cancellation fees.
  • Any monthly minimums.
    (seasonal merchants even can stop their account without any fees!)
  • No hidden terms or fees.

Are you ready to switch to Eagle Merchant Services?

Go ahead, challenge us to place our money where our mouth is and request a free merchant services rate evaluation. It's easy and the result is money saved. It takes just five, brief steps to complete:

  1. FIRST - Complete the form below.
  2. A Merchant Advisor will contact you
  3. You fax in a current merchant services statement 815-498-9783
  4. The Merchant Advisor analyzes the statement, identifies the charges and makes a proposal.
  5. You accept or decline the proposal.

It's that easy - and you could save a bundle off your current merchant service costs! Wouldn't an extra $500, $1000 or even more a year be worth a quick rate evaluation today? There no obligation!

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